Why Meditate First Thing In The Morning

As soon as you wake up what do you do?

Where do your thoughts go?

What habits do you have?

Do your emotions drive your behavior?

Are you reacting to life?

Most people wake up and they are in reactive mode as soon as they open their eyes. It is fight or flight response.

I know I was in the habit of getting in reaction mode. As soon as I woke up I let life hit me with all the things I had to do. I let my emotions, my thoughts, and my mind pull me down the river wherever they wanted to take me.

After investing in a coach I decided to hop in the driver’s seat and start to consciously take control of my day.

And that happens from the first second you wake up. I would even argue it happens before you go to sleep the night before – that post is for another day though.

The crazy thing about fight or flight response is that it compounds throughout the day. One event triggers the next and so on until the end of the day and we repeat the cycle again the next day.

What’s great is that you can also have this compounding effect work in your favor. That is if you decide to consciously take control of your day.

And the cool thing is that each event stacks on top of the next in an uplifting way to elevate your performance throughout the day.

At the end of the day, rather than being exhausted like 99% of the population you are invigorated, full of energy, and want to keep going.

So how do you do this?

Well it starts the moment you wake up. The quicker you take control the more leverage you have on your day.

It’s the same leverage a football lineman wants on his opponent from the snap of the football. Whoever gets that microsecond of leverage ends up having massive leverage seconds later.

Just like the football lineman wants to get leverage on his opponent you want to get leverage on the day. That means as meditate as soon as you can. Yes even before you brush your teeth. Your mind is like a vacuum first thing in the morning and you want to have the least amount of decision inputs as possible between when you wake up and meditate.

It takes training and getting out of your comfort zone.

Your mind might make up stories about why it’s not important, not working, you don’t have time, a stupid idea, (insert your BS story your mind makes up).

However, if you commit to developing the habit you will get passed those internal opponents. And when you do your meditation will bring you transfer you into a different paradigm on how you approach your day…from scarcity to abundance.

Meditation creates more space and time for you because it slows your brainwaves down from high frequency beta to lower frequency alpha and theta. When you are in an alpha state that is what people also refer to as being in flow.

Meditation helps you rise above the noise of life. You get to elevate above the clouds and see your day from a higher perspective.

Even if you just meditate for 1 minute you will start to notice the difference and compounding will work in your favor.

And if you can consistently do that over time you will be able to increase the amount of time you invest in meditation. Not out of willpower or push, but because your body and mind will find so much value it will thirst for more. As you perform better each day you will become addicted to it just like people become addicted to exercise.

Are you willing to take control and kick your day off with a short meditation? I’d love to know. Drop a comment below.

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