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🔥 Here’s a powerful, yet underrated tool to upgrade your mindset. Tony Robbins attributes the habit of doing this every day throughout his life as a major part of his success. The tricky part is that it’s so simple that I find most people disregard it. Don’t be that person. Listen to it on the podcast.

🧘🏽 Watch a 30 second clip from a recent interview I did with Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher on how meditation is like coffee.

🥱 Want to block out blue light and get better sleep? Get these glasses. I use them during the day when I’m working on screens, when traveling in airports, and at night before bed. They’ll help you regulate melatonin levels and improve your circadian rhythm.

🎮 How are you at playing The Great Online Game?

“We now live in a world in which, by typing things into your phone or your keyboard, or saying things into a microphone, or snapping pictures or videos, you can marshall resources, support, and opportunities.

The Great Online Game is free to play, and it starts simply: by realizing that you’re playing a game. Anyone can play. You can choose how to play given your resources and skills at the current moment. You can level up fast. Financial and social capital are no longer tied so tightly to where you went, who you know, or what your boss thinks of you. This game has different physics and wormholes through which to jump. It’s exponential instead of linear.”

Read about the The Great Online Game.

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