Seek The People Who Are Seeking You

I used to get so frustrated with people who were complacent and content with the way things were.  I even would hear them say they want things to change but when it came time to do something and change it they just accepted the status quo.  

I would try to help them to see that they could actually make the difference they wanted.  

I put in so much effort to convince them to go for it and make the change.  

They didn’t.  They stayed the same and it made me go bananas.  

What’s more bananas is that I kept doing the same thing with other people and even repeated the pattern with the same people.  I didn’t learn the lesson.   

I felt like I had to help them.  I felt like it was my responsibility.

The truth is that I actually had no right to try to change them and it wasn’t my responsibility. 

One day I came across a great saying that said it is not your right to wake up someone who is ‘sleeping.’  And I realized that was true.  It was painful and sad to think I’d be ‘leaving behind’ people I care about.  But who was I to judge that them being where they are is a bad thing.  

It was liberating that it was no longer my (self-imposed) responsibility to carry people on my back.  I had an abundance of newfound energy that I could channel elsewhere.  

Instead of using all that energy on people who didn’t want to connect with me I used it to find the people that did!  That was a game changer because it took way less effort, caused less frustration, and I enjoyed the process so much more.  There was a compounding effect that gave me results at an exponential rate and an elevation because the people I was connecting with helped me rise up as well. 

I have no right to help people who don’t want help no matter how badly they might need it.  It’s my duty to find those who do want help and rise up with them.  

I’ve found that there are so many people out there who are waiting to pop and be set free to relentlessly pursue their mission. It’s just a matter of seeking the people who are seeking you.

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