How Good Are You At Sleeping?

Sleep is underrated and undervalued. It’s more powerful than any medicine, superfood, or supplement you could take to heal and strengthen your body.

I used to never think about sleep much or how to be better at it. Now after doing research and studying sleep I know there are many ways to make sleep so much better and more enjoyable.

I also thought that if I slept from 12a to 6a that meant I got 6 hours of sleep. In actuality I would be getting 4.5 to 5 hours of sleep because much of our sleep actually involves us trying to get to sleep and being awake throughout the night from disturbances and the ebb and flow of our sleep cycle.

If you look at my sleep stats below you’ll see I was in bed from 11pm to 5am. I was asleep for 5 hours and awake for 1 hour.

Now that I prioritize sleep and give it the value it deserves, when I get up in the morning and work on my business I perform at higher levels than I thought possible. I am energized throughout the day and I feel incredible.

One tool I love to use to optimize my sleep are @swanwick blue light blocking glasses. Invisible blue light aka junk light from screens and other sources mess with our circadian rhythm and suppress our melatonin levels. Meaning when it is time to get to bed our brain and body still think it’s daytime and time to keep going. I use them starting around 7pm each night to wind down my eyes, mind, and body and prepare for a restful sleep.

I made a short video where you can see them and learn more about them here. #TeamSwannies

Think about this. If you have a health and fitness challenge, which we all do at times. Instead of getting a medicine, finding a special healer/doctor, getting a supplement, starting a special diet, hiring a personal trainer, etc…..all of which would require an investment of money, time, and energy; you could just start with sleeping better and it will likely improve your challenge entirely or significantly.

If you want to check out the glasses you can do that here:

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