Invent and Wander | Jeff Bezos

I completed reading Invent and Wander, Walter Isaacson’s new book about Jeff Bezos.

There are so many golden nuggets about Jeff’s thought process and how he navigates business and life. Here’s a few:

  • Smart people area dime dozen and often don’t amount to much. What counts is being creative and imaginative.
  • Be passionately curious.
  • Connect the arts and sciences.
  • Why Steve Jobs said, “It’s technology married with the humanities that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.”
  • Why Einstein would pull out his violin and play Mozart when he felt stuck in his work on the theory of general relativity.
  • Retain a childlike sense of wonder. Be careful to never outgrow your wonder years.
  • Jeff is a voracious reader.
  • Jeff’s “regret minimization framework.” His risk-calculation process in making important decisions. You can watch the YouTube video of him explaining it here:

Check out all of my takeaways from it on the Peak Performance Humans podcast here:

Bonus! Here’s a throwback video I made back in 2017 about another powerful strategy Jeff Bezos uses in Amazon meetings:

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About Naeem Mahmood: Naeem is a world-renowned Peak Performance Strategist. He graduated with honors from NYU where he studied economics and played on the basketball team.

He started his professional career working on Wall Street in New York City. From there he worked in Silicon Valley. After realizing the traditional vehicles of success in the forms of money, status, and prestige wouldn’t bring him the fulfillment he wanted he started studying personal development.

He worked for Tony Robbins as one of his top five national speakers and business trainers. While working for Tony he travelled all across North America meeting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies such as Google, Salesforce, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase. Naeem worked with them to optimize their business revenues but more importantly their mindsets and wellbeing.

After working for Tony Robbins he founded Mood Ventures to empower business owners to perform at their peak by optimizing their body and mind and build a prosperous and purposeful businesses structured around their ideal lifestyle.

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