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Joe Moffett is the founder of Growing up Joe was just your average kid. It wasn’t until high school that he realized he had no direction and no plan for his life. After he graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps where he spent 5 years learning life lessons, discipline, raising standards, and a commitment to excellence.

When he transitioned out of the USMC he embarked on a new journey in the network marketing industry. He found himself learning people skills, tools to create change for people, himself, and ultimately how to create results.

There was just one problem…. he had no idea who he was. He had $30,000 of debt for the third time and was broke again. He was stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that destroyed his relationships because of insecurities. He was emotionally unstable and had no clue what made him happy and ultimately….he didn’t love himself at all. He was far from being a positive example for anyone. He knew he wanted more out of life. He knew there had to be more. He hit a breaking point.

With nothing else to lose, he started investing the little resources he had into mentorship, hiring coaches, and feeding his mind every day. He started going to work on himself. He spent time, a lot of money, and sacrificed who he was for who he was becoming. He was suffering and knew he had to make changes if he wanted to go to the next level in life. He had to start mastering himself and not just toe-dipping around.

As he developed the rituals and habits in his life that have taken him from victim to victor….He now lives a truly blessed life. He built a 6 bedroom home that overlooks a golf course, has an amazing wife that he’s so in love with, and a healthy son. Now, he knows who he is, is constantly growing, and is fulfilled. He figured many things out along his journey and has now made it his mission to help others do the same.

Joe has done over 18,000 coaching calls, is an incredible coach, and is on a mission to help others tap into their full potential in life.

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