Resilience through Cryptocurrency Fundraise, Helping Others to Help Yourself | George Burke

George Burke is a fintech executive capitalizing on tomorrow’s trends. He is the co-founder of and @Portal.

We first met a few years ago when I sold him a ticket to a Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event for bitcoin, which is worth much much more today.

We reconnected after realizing we both live in Puerto Rico. I learned about the new blockchain company he started (Portal) and am now an early investor in.

George has 8 years of experience in cryptocurrency & blockchain and is among the first angel investors in Ethereum.

Some other notable things about George which we discuss in the podcast:

  • Developed 1st working “bitcoin debit card” prototype, approved by Mastercard
  • The joy in helping others solve their problems
  • Built an early crypto exchange which was acquired
  • Ran 2nd most popular crypto portfolio app
  • He started a 7-figure ARR “Netflix for books”, bootstrapped with $6,500
  • Intermittent fasting, cold plunge
  • Created largest biohacking organization in US

Tune in and enjoy!

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