Happiness Is Where You Start, Not Where You Finish

Are you achieving to be happy or are you happily achieving?

The broaden-and-build theory of psychology shows that empowering emotions are the starting point of learning, growth, and peak performance.

Empowering emotions enhance your options of thinking and acting. When you think good and feel good you do good 🙂

Research shows that people in high pressure situations make the best choices in a state of gratitude.

How can you shift into gratitude when you are stressed or anxious? Here’s a few great tools my clients find useful:

  1. Journal for 5 minutes
  2. Box breathing for 5 minutes
  3. Jump in a cold shower or ice bath for 1 minute

Ritualize them into your day. Do one or all of them at least once per day.

Bonus! Do them before you get into disempowering states and you’ll start to notice you don’t get into them very often anymore. Leaders anticipate, losers react.

You can’t be stressed/angry/frustrated and grateful at the same time.

We are doing a high performance event for entrepreneurs covering this concept and lots more in Rincon, Puerto Rico over Easter weekend in April.

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