Warren Buffett’s Three Step Prioritization Process

Warren Buffett gave his pilot a simple three-step process for prioritizing.

  1. Write down a list of twenty-five career goals.
  2. Circle the five highest priority goals
  3. Look at the twenty goals you didn’t circle. Avoid these at all costs. They are the biggest drains on your time and energy to completing the goals that matter most to you.

If you don’t think you have that many career goals start by writing down on a piece of paper all the projects you are currently working on.

The key part of this exercise is to avoid-at-all-costs the bottom twenty goals until you achieve the top five most important ones.

What’s neat about this process is that you’ll find that when you double-down your energy and time on your output towards the few important goals you will make exponential progress because of the laws of compounding and momentum.

Also you’ll realize that a lot of your goals are related to one another. Many of the goals are simply a means to make progress toward a bigger end goal you have.

Angela Duckworth, author of the book ‘Grit’ says to ask yourself this question, ” To what extent do these goals serve a common purpose?”

There is virtue in sticking it out to achieve the goal and sometimes there is also virtue in replacing goals at lower levels of a goal hierarchy that still serves the same purpose. Remember, the goal is just the vehicle to carry out your purpose/reasons for doing the activity and becoming who you ultimately are becoming.

Your time and energy are limited. They are your greatest resource. They are your most valuable assets, along with your body and mind. Just like Warren Buffet is a master of allocating money, you must become a master of allocating time and energy.

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