Halfway Through 2022!

We are at the mid point of 2022! Now is a great time to check in and see how you are progressing with your outcomes for the year.

I always tell my clients the process of looking back and reflecting on their wins, failures, and lessons is just as valuable as setting goals. Often times the goals are an organic process that sprout out of doing this exercise because your mind connects the dots better and it naturally comes up with the next best goal.

Recap on the wins, challenges, and lessons so far from 2022.

Below are some great questions to reflect on the last six months.

If the year 2022 was a movie, and you were the main character, what happened so far?

(Go month by month, use your calendar/planner to help you remember)

  • What am I most grateful for?
  • What did I do well?
  • Where did I fail? What did I learn?
  • Where is there low-hanging fruit to improve my life?
  • What I should absolutely — under any circumstances — NOT do again
  • What were my most meaningful moments?

Grab a pen and a journal and block out some thinking time to write out the answers to these questions. Here are some tips for your thinking time I learned from Keith Cunningham.

Set a timer. Turn off your phone. Eliminate all noise and visual distractions. Grab a glass of water. Go to the bathroom. Clear your throat. Sit perfectly still. Try to remain motionless with the exception of the hand you move to write to record your thoughts. The idea is to keep the stream of concentration from your thinking totally uninterrupted.

Remember you are looking for ideas and possibilities, not perfection and absolutes. The purpose is to minimize risks, identify opportunities, and maximize results. Enjoy and make it a great second half of 2022!


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