Be The Film Maker Of Your Mind

Do you ever wonder why you are stuck on taking more action on certain things in your life? Often times this is because we make things too big so we don’t even start. You might want to start chunking the experience you are having in your mind down into smaller parts. 

You are making it too big. It’s too much to take in at one time. Your mind gets overwhelmed, the circuit breakers switch on and you turn off.

When we aren’t doing the thing we want to be doing, we are just locked in a mental/emotional/physical state that basically hijacks our entire nervous system and floods our biochemistry with feelings and hormones that deter us from taking action. You are making pictures, you are hearing sounds, saying things to yourself and using your body a certain way. You’re stuck in a pattern.

Start to notice these things. Notice your formula/algorithm/pattern and how you do them. There is a structure to it all. Just like Wayne Gretzky could see where the puck was going long before any other player on the ice. You can too if you learn this and practice each day with each experience.

To keep it simple just notice when you get stuck or doing something excellent and then remember to check in on three things:

  1. What pictures/images are you making in your head? Big/small? Bright/dim? Colors/black and white?
  2. What are you saying to yourself? What sounds are going on in your head? Loud/quiet? Tonality? Volume?
  3. How are you using your physical body? The micro movements. Is your chest open and shoulders back or the opposite? Are you breathing deeply or shallow?

Then for the stuff that is holding you back make the shifts you need to make the experience better. Make the picture bigger if it’s too small. Lower the volume on that person who is getting on your nerves. Make the basketball hoop the size of a swimming pool instead of a thimble. Pull your shoulders back and breathe into your diaphragm instead of your upper chest.

One trick is to use the things you’re doing great as examples for the ones you aren’t doing great at. If you are great at going to the gym in the morning but can’t get yourself to talk to that special person. Notice what makes you great at the gym experience but not so much at relationship. Then make the shifts the same for your relationship as for the gym. If the volume is up, turn it up! If you see yourself as superman walking into the gym, see yourself as James Bond when you are walking up to her. What’s cool is that it’s often only one small tweak you need to make. Maybe when you go to the gym you play a theme song in your head and when you are thinking about relationship it’s silent.

The key is to be EASY on yourself and PLAY with this. You’re not going to be great at it when you start. Even stopping to notice is a WIN! Success builds on micro success. The smaller seemingly insignificant successes you can notice the better you will do!

The goal is to be able to breakdown your experiences into bits of data. Like a computer programmer with code. Like an architect with blueprints. Like a chef with ingredients. Pick your metaphor. You are already doing this without realizing it. Now it’s time to bring it to your awareness. And then you can make tiny shifts to move the experience in your favor.

That is how you can break down your goal of starting your business, approaching that special person, investing more money, working out, applying for your dream job, traveling the world, or giving more to charity. When you break down what’s going on inside psychologically you can start to take those small action steps towards your once overwhelming goals. You become the film maker of your mind. 

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