TEDx Storytelling With Impact | Jennifer Myers

Do you have an idea that can impact humanity in a meaningful way? If you are a thought leader and change maker who is seeking to create the greatest human impact possible and spread your idea with millions of people, then TEDx is the stage for you!

Jennifer’s passion is storytelling with impact. She is an Ideation Specialist who has helped hundreds of world changers land and deliver their talks including authors, entrepreneurs and top CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Jennifer believes the power of storytelling through speaking on the TEDx stage is one of the most impactful ways we can influence, spread our mission, and become top authorities in our fields. As an author, TEDx speaker, TEDx Organizer, and Advocate, Jennifer believes in the transformative value of sharing our ideas with the world. We all have an idea to share that the world deserves to hear!

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Connect with Jennifer Myers: https://yourtedxjourney.com/ Want to apply for the High Performance TEDx Coaching Package?

You will have Jen and myself coaching you every step of the way to land your TEDx talk!

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