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Nico DiMattina @nicodimattina is an inspirational meditation & mindset coach, breathwork guide, well-being speaker, corporate facilitator, and host of the Big Hairy Chats Podcast. He is passionate about harnessing our full human potential through mastering our minds & reconnecting with our true nature for next level energy, fun and fulfillment.

He is a former Silicon Valley corporate headhunter having worked at Google, Pandora & Coinbase while living in New York City, San Franciso, and Los Angeles. This career path felt unfulfilling and not in full alignment with his heart’s desires.

Nico’s journey led him to building a daily meditation practice which he has been committed to over the past decade. This helped him reconnect to his personal power, passion and purpose.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” –Socrates

Nico felt compelled to become a meditation teacher. He teaches the 1 Giant Mind ‘Being’ meditation technique in a 3-Session course format either in-person or virtually.

The technique has its origins in the 5,000 year old body of wisdom derived from India known as the ‘Veda’ and is taught in a modern/relevant context.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” -Yoda

Nico is also the Co-Founder of Rise Disco, an uplifting sober dance party that incorporates cacao, movement, and meditation that has you feeling connected to yourself, each other and nature.

Nico’s mission is to empower people to build their own daily meditation and joy practices in order to feel more connected to realizing their full potential. Check out his upcoming book “The Tiramisu Within You” and his new podcast “The Tiramisu Within You”.

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