The Rich Life With Richard Pauwels

Being of service to others has been a driving force in Richard’s life.  After being in the Navy Reserves during his college years at UCLA, he began a 20 year career as a firefighter and paramedic. Richard gave his all to saving the homes and lives of people in need. He has been recognized several times for his quick actions and insights that saved lives. There were many people, however,  he could not help. Many because they had lived a life with really poor eating habits, that lead to severe health problems.

Given the strenuousness of the job, Richard paid great attention to his body, his health, and lifestyle.  This is what led Richard to the notion of sprouting, which is at the core of his truly unique Rich Nuts products. His hope is that educating people early, may save lives in the future. Proactive impact is at the heart of how Richard runs his company. Every element of this company adheres to the highest level of integrity around the impact of those choices on both people and the planet. When Richard is not spreading his nuts around the globe you can find him connecting to nature, gardening, hunting, meditating, diving into his own personal growth, learning about regenerative agriculture, and spending time with the people he loves.

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