Conscious Leadership in Web3 With Amit Mukherjee

@AmitMukherjee is the founder and Managing Partner of Chainforest, a community-native web3 venture fund. Amit also serves as Co-Treasury Lead at Friends With Benefits. Previously, Amit was a Partner at the venture capital firm NEA. Amit began his career at JP Morgan and graduated from Princeton University.  

I met Amit during NFT NYC this past summer.  My coaching client, who manages a Web3 investment fund, invited me to attend his company’s party that night.  It was on the rooftop of one of the new bougie NYC hotels and there were hundreds of people enjoying the flow of cocktails, appetizers, and live DJ spinning.  I bumped into my friend Denise, who Amit was talking to and we all started talking.  One thing I appreciated about Amit was that he was present despite all the external distractions and I could have an engaging conversation with him.  As we spoke, I learned how he’s empowering founders in Web3 with leadership and coaching tools to stay mentally and emotionally strong on their journey to make their impact.  

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