2023 Yearly Planning Guide

Are you prepared for 2023? If not, I got you covered.

Here’s a powerful and simple yearly planning process. I put it together from our Performance Coach University yearly planning process and some other frameworks I use with clients.

Step 1 – REFLECT:

Looking back over the past 12 months  what are the things you have achieved that make you the proudest? (The more you can think of the better!)

What lessons did you learn? (Lessons = growth)

What am I letting go of? (Limiting beliefs, resentments, pruning anything in your life that does not serve you to become the best version of yourself)

A simple yet powerful 4 Step process for mapping out the new year. 

This can also be used monthly, even weekly to reset and realign. 

Step 2 – BRAIN DUMP:

All your dreams, goals, and desires into 3 categories:

  • Self/Personal
  • Relationships
  • Business/Career

No limits. Don’t worry about time, money or energy, just let the ideas flow on to the paper. 


  • What do you want 2023 to be about?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • How do you want to spend your time?
  • What is most important to you?

Step 4 – SIMPLIFY: 

This part is all about crossing off all the items listed in step 2 that don’t fully align with step 3. If it feels hard use this vetting process:

  • How difficult is it?
  • What’s the payoff?
  • What’s the benefit to you or others?
  • Are you fully committed to becoming the person you need to be to accomplish it?

If the resources, benefit or commitment doesn’t add up – CROSS IT OFF.

Still need help? Read the book Essentialism. (It’ll change your life)

Step 5 – PLAN IT: 

Now that you’ve simplified your list.

Take what is remaining. Think 1-2 MAJORS goals & 2-3 Minors goals – and map them in your calendar.

Some may require weeks or months of prep work – map it in your calendar.

Some are just set dates – map it.

What isn’t put in a calendar is nothing more than a dream or wish. 


Work back from the end goal and chunk down for each quarter (90 days) where you need to be to ensure you are on track.

Every 90 days should have a specific measurable goal until you hit your goal at the end of 2023.


“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” — James Clear, Atomic Habits

Your life is a reflection of your rituals. What daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly rituals do you need to have in place for each goal to make sure you make progress every day.

Leading and lagging indicators are two types of measurements used when assessing performance.

A leading indicator is a predictive measurement, for example; how many sales calls you make each day or how many words you write to work on your book. A lagging indicator is an output measurement, for example; the number sales you make and completing the book are lagging indicators.

The difference between the two is a leading indicator can influence change (you can control this activity) and a lagging indicator shows the results of what happened (it’s derivative of the activity you put in). Focus on putting in your best effort for your leading indicators (your rituals) and the lagging indicators (success/results) will take care of themselves.


“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

You are a success no matter what the outcome is as long as you put in your best effort.
The rest is up to Grace (God/Your Creator/The Universe). Believe Grace is on your side and be open to receive all the magic that is meant for you to bring to the world in 2023.

Enjoy your adventure into 2023!

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