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Why It’s Best To Workout in the Morning

The health and fitness industry is tricky to navigate. On any given topic you can find multiple experts saying completely different things. It can make you feel helpless and think there is no point in even trying. How is this possible? A big reason for this is because people (experts included) don’t clarify their outcomes […]

Three Simple Keys To Meditation

Meditation can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Most people don’t even get started with it because they think there is a right way of meditating (there isn’t – anything can be meditation: walking, eating, talking, working out, having sex, playing the guitar). I was one of these people. I heard about how […]

Lessons Learned on my Travels

One of the many benefits about traveling is that you have to stay flexible as your environment is always changing which makes it challenging to stick with a consistent routine. Some would not call this a benefit haha. I’ll explain… Routines are great to build a foundation and allow you to use your focus elsewhere […]

Chunk Down

We make things too big so we don’t even start. When I say chunk down I don’t mean break down your goals into smaller steps. That is important but I am referring to chunking the experience you are having in your head down. You are making it too big. It’s too much to take in […]

Burning Man

Burning man is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life  The beautiful spirits in the people. The mind-blowing art. The peaceful, yet harsh environment of the desert.  The radically innovative costumes. And the 10 principles it was founded upon all combine to make it a magical place.   Over 70,000 people are preparing […]

Do You Life Log?

I recently heard about a great concept from Ray Kurzweil who is one of the most innovative thinkers, inventors and futurists of our time.  He has been referred to as the, “Edison of our generation.” In fact he is responsible for the invention of Siri on the iPhone and also a big educator on the […]

Your Education is the Job of Your Lifetime

Your job is to keep on learning! Learning isn’t limited to reading and studying. Learning is EVERYTHING! Taking care of your health, deepening your relationships with love, managing your time, building a company, giving more to charity! The smartest, most successful people on the planet are always learning. They thrive on it. They know if […]

How to Wind Down the Day

A lot of us hear about how important it is to have a great morning routine to start the day off right. We are big proponents in creating a solid morning routine that gets you to be your best self. However, not many people talk about how to wind down the day. It is just […]

Man With a Hammer Tendency

“To a man with only a hammer every problem looks pretty much like a nail.” The solution that works for one realm of life isn’t always the appropriate solution for other realm of life. Often times when we find a way that works for something or we have been mastering our craft for years we […]