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How Do You Stay Positive?

You do not always need to be positive and ‘happy’.  In fact it is a good thing to feel sad, angry, depressed or fearful once in a while.  All things in life have cycles and seasons including you! Once you realize it is OK to be sad, angry, frustrated, depressed (without hurting others) and there […]

How To Sell More Stuff!

Sales is tough for most people. It was tough for me as well when I first started out. I had all these stories in my head and internal conflicts about selling. Here are some of the thoughts that were floating around in my head: “I don’t want to be aggressive.” “What if I don’t actually […]

What are the Benefits of Journaling?

Journaling should be used by everyone to capture the magic moments of life Scientific studies show that people who keep a gratitude journal and write down 5 new positive things they are grateful for said it increased their overall happiness about life. Two great resources you can use: The Morning Pages The Five Minute Journal

Technology Tips and Tools with Sam Bhatti

We are blessed to be alive during the most abundant time in human history.     There is more food, money and resources available on the planet for each person than ever.  The reason this is all possible is because of TECHNOLOGY!   Hate it or love it technology is only going to become more […]