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Create an Environment that Energizes You

I used to live in reaction to life.  I could be in a down mood for any number of arbitrary reasons.  If it was raining outside, someone said something mean to me, had work to get done, woke up in a bad mood etc. I was sick and tired of feeling depressed, angry, confused, tired, […]

Meditation with Muse HeadBand

I started meditating about 3 years ago. I did it because I heard of amazing benefits from successful people I admire. I didn’t take a class or pay thousands of dollars for a mantra. I just started closing my eyes, sitting still and tried quieting my mind. I also had nice background music to calm […]

How to Turn Negative into Positive

One key skill successful people have is the ability to turn problems into opportunities.  They alchemize the painful experience and turn it into a pleasurable one.  Here’s a video I made that discusses more about it: If you like what you read comment below, subscribe to my email list and share it with someone who’d […]

6 Things to Become World Class

The best in the world aren’t lucky.  They are prepared and they work their butts off every single day…day in and day out.  The cool thing about life is that everything is a skill which means that with the right strategy and practice you can become great at anything.  However the reason most people don’t […]

Small Steps From the Heart

You just need to take one step after the next.  You just need to listen to your heart and let it shine through.  You don’t need to do everything all at once.  You don’t need to come up with a secret formula for success.  The main problem people have on their road to achieving their […]

The Power of Emotion

To create your vision in life a reality you need to become a master of your emotions.  If you can feel and experience what you want before you create it you are more likely to get it albeit much quicker.  So what you need to do every day is condition the emotions you want in […]