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The Determining Factor Behind Your Results in Life

If you’re working hard to create a result in your life but struggle to make it happen.  There’s one reason that’s holding you back. Your beliefs. We have an internal blueprint for every area of our life that is the cause for what we have currently produced in life. Everything you have created so far […]

The Key to a Happy Mind

I visited the Colosseum in Rome last week. It was stunning to say the least. Seeing the lower level where the gladiators trained and prepared for battle caught my attention.  It made me think how we must train our minds to be our best each and every single day.     Just like you wouldn’t […]

Yoga, Raw Food and Fasting with Sarah Ann Haugen

Here’s an awesome interview I did with my good friend Sarah Ann Haugen right after I took her yoga class at Yoga Source in Palo Alto. She is the founder of Vitalist Superfood her latest product line of blended whole food cleanses, healthy junk food hacks, gluten free snacks, and nutrient rich meals. She’s been a […]

You are Either Growing or Dying

  What are you doing to get better each day? One of the biggest challenges I used to have personally and I see show up with most people is the desire to get to a place in life where you no longer need to put in the work to become better.  They want to People […]