Live Life to the Fullest Everyday

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on things in life?  Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time to do and experience all the things you want?  I used to feel that way a lot and I still do at times.  It helped me a lot when I realized that the opposite of these thoughts can also be true if we choose them to be.  You can experience more than you want and have more than enough time.  For those of you who don’t think this is true guess what….you already do!  You have been blessed with this gift called life and you have lived today if you are reading this and that is more than many people on this planet have ever had.

And the fear of missing out is exactly why you should go the extra mile to take care of yourself and be the best you can be because when you operate at your highest level you get to experience more of the juice in life!  Take care of your body so you do live a longer, more vital life.  And because ‘you do only live once’ seize every moment you have and make the most of it because they are gifts that aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.  So to get over this fear of missing out and that life isn’t long enough maximize who you are so you can fully experience all the gifts life has to offer.

How To Develop Healthy Routines

Do you ever wonder why some people effortlessly have great looking bodies, are strong, have tons of energy and why others bounce from thetrendiest diet/workout programto the next and still cannot get the body they desire?  I used to be caught in that trap and it’s no fun.  I hated feeling sluggish, overweight and insecure about how my body looked.  After reading tons of books on fitness and nutrition and learning from some of the best people in the world I realized it came down to a few simple things.  Fit people have certain routines they follow day in and day out to get the body they want.  It is a lifestyle, not a once in a while workout or diet program.  The video explains more.  Enjoy!

Night Time BioHacking Glasses

At the end of the day my eyes are worn out after looking at screens.  And I still am looking at screens in the evening!  These glasses do the trick for me.  They block out the blue light, ease my eyes from screens and they add a cool night vision tint to everything!

I wear them 2-4 hours before bed so my eyes and body know it is time to start winding down.  They are awesome.  If you want to check them out you can find them here .

If you get them I would love to know how your experience is with them.  Feel free to email me or connect with me on twitter or facebook.  Also if you know anyone who would like to learn about how to enhance their sleep share this with them!


BioHacking Glasses For Better Sleep and Optimal Energy

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Is your sleep quality not as good as it used to be?  I recently saw Dave Asprey speak at Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event on the bonus health day and he talked about his biohacks to live a more optimized life physically and mentally.  This was one of them that I decided to experiment with.

If you want to check out the glasses you can find them here .  Don’t worry they won’t make you tired once you get used to them and then your sleep will be much better which will give you more energy during the day to get more done and have more fun!

If you get them I would love to know how your experience is with them.  Feel free to email me or connect with me on twitter or facebook.  Also if you know anyone who would like to learn about how to enhance their sleep share this with them!

Create and Produce More than you Consume

Be a producer.  Create amazing things for other people that makes their lives better.  I used to constantly want to consume everything.  Consume food, consume, television, radio, clothes.  It was a nonstop endless addiction that grows more and more hungry and never can be satisfied.  If you want to live an epic life that has an impact focus on creating.  Create amazing art.  Create amazing products.  Create an amazing conversation with someone.  Create a great workout for yourself.  This makes life better.  This is where the juice of life is.  It is the high road and the more challenging one.  It is also worth it.  The hard work you put it pays off ten fold.  At the end of each day ask yourself, “Did I create and produce more than I consumed?”

Why You MUST Read Every Day

Leaders are readers.  It is true.  If the most successful people on this planet are known for reading multiple hours per day I think it’s a safe bet to invest your time in reading for at least 30 minutes to an hour per day.  It is said that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk all read more than 3 hours per day!  You would wonder how they make the time for that since they have so much responsibility running multibillion dollar institutions.  They would probably say they can’t do what they do or wouldn’t be so successful if they did’t invest their time reading.

Reading is a superpower.  You get to literally tap in to any well spring of knowledge you desire.  And you can do it for FREE!  If your struggling with something you can solve the problem by reading.  You can’t put a monetary value on it but you literally make yourself more valuable with each extra word you put in your head.  So go read anything!  Read for at least 30 minutes.  If you can’t do it that means you must do it.  If you don’t have the time or the money that means you have to do it.  It will only help to alleviate with those problems.  Go read a book on investing or how to increase your income.  If you want to be better with time go read books on how to manage your time.  Want to start a business?  Go read a book on that!

It’s a pretty neat skill to have.  The more you use it the better you get and the more fun it becomes because you will start to reap the benefits of the inputs you are putting in your head!  If you can’t figure out what to read ask yourself what area of your life you want to improve and go find a book on that.  If you just want to read for fun, go read anything that appeals to you…fiction, biography etc.

Your mental workout every day is to read for at least 30 minutes per day and ideally an hour.  If you can do more than an hour you will reap even more benefits.  Enjoy your superpower!

Schedule FREE Days in Your Life

Want to get more done?  We all do and most people say the same thing, “there just isn’t enough time!”  Well here is a suggestion for you.   Schedule in a FREE day in your calendar.  Mine is once per week, Saturday, where I get to do whatever I want with my time that day.  No shoulds, have to’s, musts or what ifs.  I give myself the day to do whatever my heart desires.  Now it sounds a bit paradoxical for a high achiever to give a full day off to celebrate and enjoy life and one would think he/she would not get as much done.  Here’s why it is actually beneficial and you will get more done.

You will refuel your tank from the hustle you put in the rest of the week

You will be able to psychologically go harder when you do work because your brain knows it has a full day to play as much as it wants

You will teach your brain that when you work really hard there is a reward for that

It is hard for most people to switch gears.  Once we get revved up and are firing on all cylinders we usually want to stay in type A high octane let’s get shit done mode.  However, studies show that being able to trigger flow states which are at lower brain wave frequencies put you in a 5x more productive mindset because you are in a flow state.  It is like flying above the clouds and being able to see things from a higher perspective and it makes things effortless to get done.  As crazy as this may sound the only way to see if it is right for you is to test it.  So here’s what I suggest:

Choose one day each week to be your absolutely free day.  That means turn off your phone, absolutely no work, no business, limit technology use.  Your purpose is to enjoy the day by yourself or with people you care to be around.  Decide to do it for the next four weeks and notice how the rest of your week turns out.  Remember when taking on new behavior like this it may take time to get used to so the key is to not get discouraged when you veer off the tracks which you most likely will.  The trick is to have fun with it and be playful.

Got an iPad?

I have had an IPad Pro for about 8 months. It has been a real value add tool for my life. I originally decided to get it to read books on my kindle app, browse the internet and use it for work (mostly word processing and data retrieval from the cloud). It has been really useful and I have really enjoyed it. There was one thing though that was bothering me and that was the fact that I knew I was not using it to it’s full potential.

I was co working with two friends Erin and Jared at Soho House in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Jared mentioned to me when he saw my iPad Pro that he wanted to get the new one and get the keyboard as well so he could use it as a replacement to his MacBook Air when he is on the move.

I was a bit skeptical about relying on the iPad and keyboard set up which is why I never took action and pulled the trigger. However since I value Jared’s workflow procedure and had a brewing curiosity about it since I purchased the iPad, this time I decided to march across the street to the Apple Store and pick up the keyboard ……..and the pencil.

Now I was uncertain about how both of these two gadgets would work out in my creative process and I decided to simply give them both a test run and a chance to earn a spot on the team. Here is what I like about them:

What is awesome about the keyboard?
It folds up into a cover for the screen of the iPad
The key pressing is smooth and quiet
The felt material on on the inside cover feels amazing

What’s awesome about the pencil?
You can draw and take notes on the iPad….enough said!

What is awesome about the setup?
It is much lighter
It takes way less space
You feel like James Bond when you whip it out and set it up

The only thing I don’t like is the keyboard is a litte sensitive and I do not like the iOS operating system on the iPad as much as the operating system on the mac. I can get used to the typing sensitivity and I actually like it because there is no need to type so hard anyway. The iOS I hear is being updated from Jared so that should improve soon.

I invested $170 in the keyboard and $100 in the pencil. The cool thing about it is you can use them both for up to two weeks and if you don’t find them useful you can return them for a refund. So if you want a lighter and smaller load when on the move and don’t require a lot of power to edit content I recommend it….and I will still have my mac at home/office and for work that requires more power.

Don’t Be Attached to Your Words

I was giving a talk today and I noticed that when I am not in flow I am thinking about what to say, how to say it, who is listening etc.  I found myself thinking if I could find the magical words and deliver them the right I would knock it out of the park.

However I realized halfway through I was caught in my old pattern.  Thinking, being in my head and attached to the words I use.  Don’t get me wrong, the language you use is very powerful.  Just not more powerful than your body language, tone of voice and most importantly your emotional state.  Your emotional state is the same thing as the energy/vibes you are putting out to people.  They can feel it even if they aren’t aware of it.

The most important thing you must engage with is your body, heart, nervous system, emotions, your soul.  Speak from that place deep within you that is unwavering in it’s truth and you can trust the right words will follow.

It was also refreshing to feel comfortable not knowing what to say in moments and being at a loss of words.  It made me more human and relatable to my audience.  They appreciated my vulnerability and humanity.  When your heart and your emotions are in flow the artfulness of your language will come out.  It is the only way to tap into it.  An incantation my friend Eli taught me that helps me is,

“When I don’t know what to say, that’s when I know what to say!”

As silly or paradoxical as that sounds it is also the key to your success if you believe it.  If you embrace the uncertainty of the moment and allow yourself to be comfortable in the space between the notes you will realize the right words are waiting to flow from within you.

Celebrate and Enjoy Life

In order to achieve the big goals you have you must stop and smell the roses once in a while.  It may feel like you don’t have the time to enjoy life because there is an endless amount of things to get done on your to do list.  It may feel counterintuitive to flow and create and put in some self care time for yourself.  It’s not.  In fact the opposite is true.  Don’t fall into the story most people get caught in, “Once I achieve ‘x’ then I will feel ‘y positive emotion’.”  You must flip the equation so instead of achieving to be happy …. you happily achieve.  Start from abundance, flow and creativity and you can still hustle and work towards your goals.  Here’s what will happen:

  1. You will achieve them with more joy and effectiveness
  2. You will realize some of the goals you had you actually didn’t want, they were just escapes to distract you from focusing on what you truly want because of fear of being in that state of abundance and flow
  3. You will be more fulfilled

Remember life is about fulfillment and giving back, whatever that means to you.  You achieve and grow so you can lead a life of love, contribution and fulfillment.