The Power of Emotion

To create your vision in life a reality you need to become a master of your emotions.  If you can feel and experience what you want before you create it you are more likely to get it albeit much quicker.  So what you need to do every day is condition the emotions you want in your life just like you would go to the gym and work out.  When people say to visualize what they also mean is ‘feel’ what it is going to be like.  When you have a vivid, bright, colorful, moving, 3D, large visual image you will definitely feel the emotions that come with that picture.

The reason people have goals is because they want to feel a certain way.  And the cool part is that you can feel the way you want even before you attain the goal.  And the crazy part about that is that it will help you achieve the goal even faster because abundance begets more abundance.  You will never get beyond scarcity, you must start beyond it no matter how bad you think things are.  Look and feel for the things that are going your way in life no matter how small and simple they may seem.  For you they may seem insignificant but for another person it would be a dream to be in your position.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Or the fit/healthy people get more fit/healthy and out of shape people stay that way and get worse.  They are tapping into the emotions and feelings that move them in those directions to create those results.

Start with gratitude for all you have…even your challenges.  From there paint the picture of what you want for your life physically, socially, financially, the impact you have on the world with your work etc.  Visualize it.  Hear it.  Feel it.  If you want to go deeper into it you can play with the submodalities of your experience.  Juice it up and feel the emotions.  Love.  Joy.  Playfulness.  Excitement.  Adventure.  Laughter.  Curiosity.  Bliss.  Peace.  Comfort.  Power.  Security.  There is proven science behind the effectiveness of this which is why we hear of athletes visualizing their success before they perform.  They literally rewire the neural circuitry in their brains.  Just like anything the more you do it the better you’ll get and the easier it will be for your mind and body to just go there and eventually live in that emotional state.


How to Validate Your Idea

Have you ever wondered why some people/companies gain traction and others don’t?  I did.  I struggled a lot when I first started creating for my business.  I saw people creating amazing work with positive feedback from their audience and I felt like I was spinning my tires.  The difference between what the successful people were doing and I was doing was they were sharing their work and observing the feedback/lack of feedback they received from their audience.  I was holding back from sharing my work and I wasn’t paying attention to my audience.  I was creating what I thought people wanted and actually was focusing more on what I wanted.  Also, in all honesty I didn’t want to know what others thought of my work because I was embarrassed to find out if they didn’t like it.

A great strategy I read in Tim Ferriss’ book “Tools of Titans” is from Seth Godin, one of the best marketers out there is called the rule of 10.  Tell 10 people about your idea/product/service, show 10 people and share it with 10 people.  The test is what they do with it.  If they decide to share it with others in their network that is a good sign.  If they don’t that means you might strongly consider iterating.

How to Follow Through on Your Vision

A client asked me the other day, “How do I keep my eye on the prize….physically, mentally, emotionally?”  It hit home for me because it was something I had lots of challenges with and I still do once in a while.  As you get higher and higher on your climb of your mountain of success the challenges will get harder and harder.  Just like in a video game the levels get more and more difficult.  The good part is that you also get better and better!

The first step is getting clear on your vision.  What do you really want?  Not what you think you should do to get approval from others like your family, friends or society.  What do you truly want deep down in your heart?  The more you ask yourself this question the clearer your answer will be and it will be a continuously evolving process as you grow and start to achieve your goals.  The deeper anchor behind what you want is….why?  What’s the reason you want it?  You want to make sure it’s an empowering and inspiring purpose that is good for you and others and will fuel you to pull through the hard times because they are inevitable.  Have you ever heard/watched/read a story that shows the hero/ine rise straight to the top without any pain, struggle and hardship.  If you did it was probably really boring.

The reason we have the pain is because that is our workout to get stronger and become a bigger person.  And the reason of becoming a bigger person is so you can give back and contribute more to those following in your footsteps.  What’s your legacy?  Will you be a warning or an example?

What you need to do is set up a life and daily workout program that consists of the specific/consistent actions/rituals you will take every day to create the results you want and more importantly help you become who you need to become.  What do you need to do in each area of your life (physical, emotional, relationships, time, financial, mission/career, contribution, spirituality, celebration) every day to create your version of a successful life?  It’s not set in stone…if something isn’t working you can change it to something that is working better for you.  And it will change inevitably as you grow and become stronger.  The key is to test things out and see what works for you.  Your rituals will evolve and you will refine and innovate them.

That being said, all this talk needs some action behind it.  So….

What are one or two daily rituals in each area of your life you can put in place to get the results you want?  What is your formula for your success?

If you found this post valuable share it, like it, comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.  The feedback helps me grow and refine what I do so I can put out better work for you.  If you want a daily performance tracker I use with my clients reach out and let me know!


Live Life to the Fullest Everyday

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on things in life?  Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time to do and experience all the things you want?  I used to feel that way a lot and I still do at times.  It helped me a lot when I realized that the opposite of these thoughts can also be true if we choose them to be.  You can experience more than you want and have more than enough time.  For those of you who don’t think this is true guess what….you already do!  You have been blessed with this gift called life and you have lived today if you are reading this and that is more than many people on this planet have ever had.

And the fear of missing out is exactly why you should go the extra mile to take care of yourself and be the best you can be because when you operate at your highest level you get to experience more of the juice in life!  Take care of your body so you do live a longer, more vital life.  And because ‘you do only live once’ seize every moment you have and make the most of it because they are gifts that aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.  So to get over this fear of missing out and that life isn’t long enough maximize who you are so you can fully experience all the gifts life has to offer.

Celebrate and Enjoy Life

In order to achieve the big goals you have you must stop and smell the roses once in a while.  It may feel like you don’t have the time to enjoy life because there is an endless amount of things to get done on your to do list.  It may feel counterintuitive to flow and create and put in some self care time for yourself.  It’s not.  In fact the opposite is true.  Don’t fall into the story most people get caught in, “Once I achieve ‘x’ then I will feel ‘y positive emotion’.”  You must flip the equation so instead of achieving to be happy …. you happily achieve.  Start from abundance, flow and creativity and you can still hustle and work towards your goals.  Here’s what will happen:

  1. You will achieve them with more joy and effectiveness
  2. You will realize some of the goals you had you actually didn’t want, they were just escapes to distract you from focusing on what you truly want because of fear of being in that state of abundance and flow
  3. You will be more fulfilled

Remember life is about fulfillment and giving back, whatever that means to you.  You achieve and grow so you can lead a life of love, contribution and fulfillment.