A lot of us hear about how important it is to have a great morning routine to start the day off right. We are big proponents in creating a solid morning routine that gets you to be your best self.

However, not many people talk about how to wind down the day. It is just as important to wind down your day in a way that serves you and those around you.


A few reasons.

  • So you can enjoy your evening after you complete your mission for the day.
  • So you can be in a great state to spend time with the people you love.
  • So you can slow down your mind/body from high gear to be ready for bed and be prepared for the next day.

The routine can be whatever you want it to be and it doesn’t have to be the same thing every night. Be creative and flexible with it.

Here’s a few examples of great ways to wind down the day:

  • Read a book (fiction, inspirational, spiritual)
  • Drink tea
  • Talk with someone you love
  • Meditate
  • Take a cold shower
  • Journal
  • Visualize the next day

Make sure to have fun with it! Be playful and curious!

Big love,


Welcome Back!

Do you have a mentor?  A mentor is someone you connect with on a consistent basis to gain new insights on how to achieve your goals faster.  

I like to have mentors for each different area of my life.








The cool thing is that by doing this you get to compress time and don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  It saves you A LOT of time, energy, money and frustration.

Your goal is to find a person who is creating the results you want to produce in that area of your life.  If you want to have a net worth of $11,000,000 go find someone who has that or more and make them your mentor for your finances!

If you want to run a triathlon go find someone who has mastered that and make them your mentor!

If you want to be in your ideal intimate relationship go to the person or couple and ask them!

A few important points to remember about mentor/mentee relationship:

Just because a mentor isn’t doing good in one area of life doesn’t mean they aren’t great in what you are going to them for.  And just because they are performing well in one area doesn’t mean you want to listen to them for all areas of life.  This seems like an obvious concept but it is easy to fool ourselves. Many times people go to a successful business person for mentorship who is absolutely amazing at what he/she does but doesn’t take care of their health/fitness and the mentee models that as well thinking that’s just the way it is.  Or even worse…the lack of health is a prerequisite to their success.

Mentors will change.  Don’t procrastinate trying to find the perfect mentor and don’t get attached to working with the same one.  You are both working to become the best version of yourselves and the time you spend together may not be long but you can trust it is the right amount of time.

Mentors want to help.  If you don’t ask you’ll never get what you want in life.  Most mentors are honored and find great joy in someone looking up to them as a role model.  Just like you and me they also love hearing themselves talk and sharing all the great ideas and insights they have learned along the way.  

Add value.  You do not want to be disrespectful of their time they give you.  Just like anyone striving to become their best every day they are extremely protective of their time.  So one thing you want to make sure you do is add value to them! This could mean figuring out what you can do for them to make their life easier.  Don’t ask them, that is lazy and putting more work on their plate to come up with something; research and be thoughtful of how you can improve something in their life.  Adding value could be as simple as bringing them a green juice when you meet them, being super attentive and asking great questions, or sharing your notes/insights after your meetings with them.  

Watch today’s video for three things to focus on with your mentor to maximize your time together.  

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood

Welcome Back!

How does it feel for you to wake up in the morning?  Do you jump out of bed excited to take on the day or are you hitting the snooze button?

I was definitely hitting the snooze button!

The cool thing is I learned and trained myself to make the process enjoyable and much much easier than it used to be.

Today’s post is all about how to get up and start each day in the right frame of mind by directing your focus!

From the moment most people wake up they are on autopilot for the rest of the day.  That is they are going through their same old habituated routines they developed all through life; from their parents, experiences, society, peers etc.  

It’s time to take control of your focus especially at the most critical moment of your day….when it starts!

You want to get an edge on your day as quickly as possible before your day and life gets the edge on you.  The crazy part is the time/energy/focus stack in your favor or against you as each moment passes. Just like an NFL lineman looks to gain even the tiniest edge over his opponent off the snap, which makes a universe of a difference, you want to gain the edge on your day right away.

Another great example is compounded interest.  It can work in your favor or against you. What you want is to have the time that you invest in managing your focus/energy to start compounding in your favor from the moment you open your eyes.

Watch today’s video to find a simple and fun strategy to make your day work for you!

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood

Welcome Back!

Have you recently been faced with making a tough decision? How did you make it?

The decisions we make and don’t make shape our lives.

We’ve all been faced with the challenge of making a difficult decision in the past.

I’d be curious to know how you deal with them. Do you have a specific strategy or methodology you use?

We also have many more difficult decisions in our future. The more successful we become and the more responsibility we take on as we grow, the more difficult decisions that we can count on coming our way in the future.

While it is ideal to automate your decision-making and make them at a high level so you don’t always need to keep making the same decision repeatedly and use your mental bandwidth, sometimes we must make important decisions and we need a system to do this.

Why are decisions hard to make though?

Most of the time there are two main reasons a decision is challenging to make.

One is that we have an internal values conflict. We want one thing and we also want another but they are mutually exclusive….or so we think!

The second reason is that we think we only have one or two options which leaves us in a pickle!

Watch today’s video to find out a simple, yet effective system you can use to start turning those difficult decisions into new win-win opportunities for you and everyone involved!

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood