Hello and welcome!

I started this website as a way to share the useful things I was discovering on my personal development journey to make my life better and fix what wasn’t working.

Growing up my parents fought a lot. I knew they always loved each other but they also had drastically different belief systems, values, and cultural backgrounds. I also had a hard time aligning with other kids in school. I had a much different cultural/religious upbringing from many of the kids at school – my mom is from Holland and a Jehovah’s Witness and my dad is from India and a Muslim. I also didn’t understand why some people were so unkind to others. Then when I went home I didn’t see much love and affection.

The great part about it all is that it fueled me with a drive to help others, build community, and value love, growth, and contribution above everything else. Both of my parents have always been of service to their communities and looking to help the underdog rise up.

After graduating from New York University with honors and a degree in economics, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and found myself following the crowd and listening to others. I decided to leave my prestigious job on Wall Street, worked in Silicon Valley, and finally found myself working for Tony Robbins as one of his national speakers.

I always loved health and fitness and played basketball and tennis in college. Like my dad I have always been passionate about becoming the best version of myself in whatever I did. However, I still didn’t know how to create the life I truly wanted. The great thing was that I knew in my heart I wouldn’t settle for anything less than living my extraordinary life.

I started reading books and educating myself – something I was passive about all my life. I realized that reading and educating myself was my ticket to the life I had always wanted and it was all in my control. I learned a few key things:

  • You are 100% responsible for the experience you have in life
  • Your life is a reflection of your rituals
  • The meaning of your communication is the response you get
  • Your success is dependent on the effort you put into whatever you do
  • You must believe in yourself
  • Who you spend time with is who you become
  • Everything in life is a skill and you can learn any skill if you model the right people
  • Life supports more of what supports life

As I went further in my journey and made remarkable improvements in my life I got more and more passionate about personal growth. For someone like me who believed life happened to me and was living as a creature of circumstance, it was (and still is) the most fascinating idea that we have the power to be creators of circumstance by learning how to use our mind and body in the proper way.

More and more people would come to me for help and it was the most fulfilling thing for me to be able to help them with their challenges. I went on to become a national speaker and trainer for Tony Robbins. I was grateful for the opportunity to travel throughout most of the United States and had the privilege of doing over 3,000 talks with 10,000+ people sharing my passion about how they too can unleash their inner power and create their ideal lives.

I am proud and excited to be able to share all the amazing skills, tools, insights, stories, and strategies to optimize your mind and body that I’ve learned and continue to learn on my adventure.

I hope you find some great insights and tools on the website. And if you have a question feel free to reach out.

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