Let us help you make your event a MASSIVE SUCCESS

Naeem is a world renowned speaker, performance coach, and business strategist. He graduated with honors from New York University and played on the basketball team.

Over the past 10 years Naeem has delivered over 2,000 talks and trainings across the United States impacting over 100,000 peoples’ lives. He has mastered the skills that create immediate and lasting change.

Naeem advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of peak performance, leadership, organizational behavior, the psychology of achievement, and sales. He has advised some of the world’s top organizations including The US Army, Salesforce, Equinox, Northwestern Medicine, Total Energies, Randstad Technologies, and JP Morgan.

“Working with Naeem has been an incredible process.  His commitment to excellence and his passion to help others is very inspiring.  The cutting edge insights and strategies he shares are incredibly valuable for me to lead the team at Portal and create a culture where people love showing up to get the job done.  I am grateful to have him in my corner!”

George Burke, Co-Founder of Portal, DeFi on Bitcoin

“Naeem helped me discover what I am really made of so I can lead my team at the highest level.  With his help our team has more clarity on our vision and values.  Our company culture has improved massively where people love showing up, communicate openly, and are aligned with our mission!”

Min Kim CEO of Blockultural, previously CMO at The HBAR Foundation

“Thanks Naeem! The event turned out really well for a virtual celebration, and you were a big part of that success. Thank you for making this event special for us!”

– Martin Casado, Executive Vice President, Randstad Technologies

“Having Naeem speak at our Crypto Mondays event was a great way to help people enhance their mindsets.  Mindset is massively important for success in any endeavor and yet it is also overlooked in the hustle and bustle of business and life.  Naeem is one of the best and I’m grateful to have him in my corner.”

Pedro Rivera, Founder of Limitless Ventures and Crypto Mondays

“We were a little uncertain about the training, but I’m glad I was wrong. I really enjoyed it. Naeem got us into the mode to get out there and do our best! I’m excited to see that the team was excited about it and they’re asking for more information after the training.  So it was money and time well spent!”

-Daniel Gomes, Digital Marketing Manager, TotalEnergies

Naeem conducts training sessions for distinguished audiences including:

  • SalesForce
  • Total Energies
  • Northwestern Medicine
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Ziva Meditation
  • Google
  • United States Army
  • JP Morgan
  • Randstad Technologies
  • Groupon
  • The University of Alabama

Naeem uses peak performance strategies to help business owners and their teams unleash their full potential. He has a passion for inspiring people and helping them to achieve their full potential and dreams.

“Anyone can alter the course of their life by developing goal-centered day-to-day patterns to achieve success in their personal and professional life. By learning the art of intentional living my clients experience the highest level of fulfillment and evolve into their best selves.”

“Naeem is energetic and filled with great positive energy.  We were lucky enough to have him speak to our group of real estate professionals. He re-invigorated their purpose and left the room feeling pumped for the future. Keep impacting the world!”

– Elia Fuentes, Founder, Lotus Escrow

“It was a delight having Naeem give his talk on the psychology of peak performance at Ziva. They all enjoyed it! If you have the rare opportunity to have Naeem speak at your event, don’t think twice, you’re in for a treat!”

– Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation

“The session was great and highly motivating.  The team was very satisfied with the talk.  Some of the methods learned during the session will be implemented into our day to day activities. Overall, very motivating and we all left ready to start 2022!”

– Isang Obot, Eisai US