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“I make sure I get a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit. I am a big fruit man; I am a vegetable man, anyway.” – Magic Johnson

Here’s a quick video on how I like to start my day. 

If you don’t juice or use a green drink supplement I highly recommend you start. 

A few of the benefits:

  • Alkalize your blood = more energy, lose fat
  • Deliver oxygen to your body more effectively
  • Clear skin
  • Decrease appetite
  • Detoxify and cleanse
  • Get up easier in the morning
  • Have high energy throughout the day and at end of day

“Someone has to stand up and say the answer isn’t another pill. The answer is spinach.” – Bill Maher

Energy is life!

Energy is charisma!

Energy is emotion!

Energy is creation!

How do you get more energy in your life?


Plants are the source of nutritional energy for all creatures.  They photosynthesize sunlight for us to thrive!

I made a video below to see the ingredients I use in my go to green juice:


Here’s the list of vegetables I use most regularly in my green juice:




Swiss Chard






In case you were wondering about my awesome glasses you can see the video about them here:

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Comment below if you are going to try out these vegetables in your next juice.