Ketogenic Diet with Dr Amir Qureshi

I was in Miami last week and got to spend some time with my friend Dr Amir Qureshi.  He is an orthopedic surgeon and mentioned to me he is experimenting with the ketogenic diet.  Naturally my curious mind kicked into high gear asking him questions about it and made sure to capture it on video […]

The Future of Health and Wellness with Dr. Abrar Husain

  Amazon knows what book you want to read before you know what book you want to read…. Do you want to know what I’m talking about? Watch this weeks show 🙂   ********************* If you want to connect with Dr Husain you can via his LinkedIn Links from show: IOT Healthcare Conference  Internet of […]

Simple Fitness and Nutrition with Mimi Kuster

    Einstein said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”     Warren Buffett said, “Complexity is the enemy of execution.”     These are principles that apply to any area of your life.  Your business, finances and in this case your body.   We all know the basics behind how to get the healthy fit […]

Part 2: Health and Wellness with Survivor Winner Walter Nudo

  This is part two of my talk with actor Walter Nudo.  We go deeper into mindset/health with the rituals Walter goes through to start his day off right. STEP 1: Enjoy the first few moments of waking up.  Don’t let your mind start racing and think about all the problems and things on your […]

Healthy Living with Actor and Survivor Winner Walter Nudo

  I went to Tony Robbins’ Life and Wealth Mastery event recently in Noordwijk, Netherlands. One of my favorite things about going to events is meeting like-minded people who are a living example of health and well-being. I met Walter Nudo when we jumped off 50 foot poles We started talking and hit it off. […]

Yoga, Raw Food and Fasting with Sarah Ann Haugen

Here’s an awesome interview I did with my good friend Sarah Ann Haugen right after I took her yoga class at Yoga Source in Palo Alto. She is the founder of Vitalist Superfood her latest product line of blended whole food cleanses, healthy junk food hacks, gluten free snacks, and nutrient rich meals. She’s been a […]

Cryotherapy and Fitness with Landan Laurusaitis ‘The Performist’

My good friend Landan Laurusaitis has been working professionally in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I met him at Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery event in Las Vegas when he decided to raise his hand to have an intervention with Tony in front of 5,000 people.  Most people wouldn’t want to be the center […]

How to Travel and Workout

If you’re anything like me when you travel you have a tough time keeping your workout routine.  There’s so much fun stuff to do, excitement and yummy new food to eat. The workouts seem to get pushed aside until I’m back to my normal routine back home. Some of the thoughts that I have: “There’s […]

Vegetables to Make Green Juice

Energy is life! Energy is charisma! Energy is emotion! Energy is creation! How do you get more energy in your life? Greens! Plants are the source of nutritional energy for all creatures.  They photosynthesize sunlight for us to thrive! I made a video below to see the ingredients I use in my go to green […]