Be a Better Human Through Horses with Jen Zoe Hall

“What we see in the daylight is what people who are successful do in the dark.” – Jen Zoe Hall I had a wonderful time talking with Jen Zoe Hall @zenerjen, founder of Zenerjen horse sanctuary and retreat center. They save ‘unwanted’ horses from being slaughtered and give people the opportunity to learn and be […]

Keys To Business Success

To build a successful business you have to put in massive effort day in and day out. You have so much going on it’s easy to drop some of the essential habits and tasks each day that will eventually cause everything to come crumbling down. We want people to be the happiest, healthiest, strongest and most […]

Stephen Hilgart on Maximizing your Marketing

“If you had to do it you would do it.”  – Stephen Higart I met @SteveHilgart while working for Tony Robbins.  He joined the team shortly after me and quickly improved his performance to become one of the top performers on the team.   He was homeless on the streets of Chicago for two years.  He […]

How to Raise Your Standards

If you want to improve your life it all starts with raising your standards. You get what you tolerate in life. The current state of your body, money, relationships, work/biz are all based on what you are tolerating in those areas of your life. I know it might sound hard to believe but you are […]

Self-Love Mastery with Josefina Bashout

I had a wonderful time talking with Josefina Bashout.  She is an expert in feminine empowerment and feminine energy.  She helps people get into their body through embodiment practices. Embodiment practices are similar to meditation and involves movement so you can drop into your body. We discuss many amazing topics (listed below) as well as […]

Tools to Become Stronger, Healthier and Happier with Ray Dente

“Real food is the winner.”  – Ray Dente Ray Dente @bonafidelifestyle is a fitness and nutrition performance coach in NYC.  We first met at the gym where I noticed his unique training process.  Both powerful and strong while at the same time in flow and gentle on the joints.   We got to spend more quality […]