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I’ve studied influence for many years now and have had the privilege to work with some of the most influential people on the planet.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from them is that the key to creating a life on your terms, one that you desire and deserve is the skill of influence.

Here are some examples where this applies:

  • Closing a business deal
  • Getting a raise
  • Getting a hot date
  • Getting your kids to do their homework
  • Getting yourself to go to the gym

Below are the three keys I learned from Jordan Belfort that will help you improve your influence game.


You mean business.  You aren’t there to waste your time or their time.  Most people think building rapport is friendly chit chat and talking about common interests.  Rapport is demonstrating to the person that you can get them the RESULT they want by working with you because you are an EXPERT.


You must be in an ENERGY RICH state.  This doesn’t mean you have to be super excited.  It means you have to be in a high vibration, abundant state. You can be relaxed and peaceful and still be high in energy.  Most people already have enough low energy people and negative situations in their life.  When they are with you and when you leave them they better want to have more of what you have.


You OVER DELIVER on your promises.  You get the result they want in a professional and smooth manner.

Do your best to demonstrate all three of these things every time you are working with someone in business or anytime you want to influence someone in life and watch yourself soar to new levels of success!

How will you use these three keys the next time you are influencing someone?  Comment below!



The biggest problem we find people have when starting their business is generating revenue.

It’s ‘deer in the headlights’ and they get caught in all the other fancy strategies out there to avoid doing what they need to do most….go out and talk to people and convert them into a paying customer.

I also got caught in this trap when I was starting my business.  I was looking for the best program or trying to build the ultimate sales funnel.

The cure is a concept I heard from Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, called ‘the velocity to a dollar’.

All you have to do is go out and sell your product/service for$1!

It seems so simple and so insignificant, why would you do it?  $1 isn’t going to move the needle for a business.


The reason is the same concept you want to just get in the gym for 5 minutes if you’ve never worked out before.  5 minutes quickly turns into 30 minutes, an amazing workout, momentum and a great body six months later.

Same with generating revenue for your biz!  Once you break through the fear of selling and earning money for your labor.  You will build on the success and find it exhilarating!

That’s it.  Go out and try it now!  I will send $10 to the first person who completes it and comments below!

I had the chance to sit down with Cody Hoffman and glean some insights about blockchain.  He was trader at JP Morgan and is currently the founder of Funder, a company that uses blockchain technology to help charities raise A LOT more money for their causes.

You’ve probably heard about the blockchain by now.  It is a revolutionary technology that is quickly transforming the way companies operate and business all around the world is being done.  Many prominent people in business and technology have been quoted as saying it is the next version of the internet and even beyond that!

So if you feel like you’ve missed out on the internet boom now is your chance to educate yourself for the amazing opportunities that lay ahead!

To give some more understanding about why it is such a game changer here are some of the key takeaways from Cody:

Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger.  This means there is not one organization that has complete control over the system.  The data is literally stored amongst millions of computers all over the world and everyone has access to it.

It is a place where everyone can see every transaction that happens.  This is why cryptocurrencies have been such a big deal as well.  It eases transactions and totally removes the issue of trust.  You don’t have to trust people and you can still be 100% certain about the transaction being executed.

The data is secured by computers, not by people.  This makes everything much more reliable.  Cody likes to say it is, “the invention of triple entry bookkeeping.”

Reduces paperwork.  Jobs will be lost, time will be saved and there will be less errors in bookkeeping/data entry.  The good news about the job losses is that people will be left to think about bigger things, focus more on creative projects and solving bigger problems!

When it comes to allocating an investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies Cody has his set up where 50% is in bitcoin as it has the best technology supporting it and is the leading indicator for the space.  If you are interested in allocating in other coins he advises you choose the protocols you’d like exposure to (i.e. gaming, social causes) and dollar-cost average into the leading coins in each vertical.

What do you think about blockchain and how it is impacting the world?  Leave a comment below!

Sales is tough for most people.

It was tough for me as well when I first started out.

I had all these stories in my head and internal conflicts about selling.

Here are some of the thoughts that were floating around in my head:

“I don’t want to be aggressive.”

“What if I don’t actually help this person with my product/service?”

“What if they can’t afford it and I take all their money?”

“It’s bad to make a lot of money.”

“If I really cared about this person I should just give it to them for free.”

Sounds so silly right!  I know.  I feel liberated that I do not allow these BS stories to limit the impact I have on my clients lives and new people I can reach.

The coolest part is now I have the skills to help a person when the opportunity comes and I deliver value and help them make huge shifts in their life!

Here’s the foundation you need to have in place to sell anything.


If your audience was best represented by one person, who would that be?  What are their fears?  What are their dreams?  What is stopping them from having what they want?  What do they like to do for fun?  Where do they like to spend time?  These are basic questions that will get you to really understand your prospect and if/how you can help them.  You want to know as much or more about the person than they know about themselves.


How can you deliver 10x the value you are charging them?  If you are charging $1,000 how can you over deliver and give them $10,000+ of value?

I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse right now.  I will customize a fitness/nutrition plan and coach you to get to your desired result and you don’t pay me until after you get it!  The first person who takes me up on this is the WINNER of this irresistible offer!


Work backwards from your goal.  If you want to earn $100,000 how many sales is that on average?  To make that many sales how many presentations/conversations do you need to have?  How many calls/emails/texts/LinkedIn messages do you need to send to book ‘x’ amount of presentations/conversations?  The reason why tracking/measuring with your sales funnel is so important is because it gives you optics on your numbers.  Top performers know how many calls/presentations they need to make the income they want.  They are not leaving their income up to chance.  They create the outcome they are after and if they need to they can increase the dials for greater output.  Another reason why it’s useful to have a sales funnel tracking system is to you can disassociate from the process so fear of rejection doesn’t get in your way.  You know that it will take a certain amount of action to produce a specific result.

That’s the 80/20.  Yes there is scripting, closing, tonality and other strategies.  However if you follow these three pillars you are well on your way to success in sales!

What did you learn or like in this post?  Comment below and I’ll send you a free gift!

We are blessed to be alive during the most abundant time in human history.  


There is more food, money and resources available on the planet for each person than ever.  The reason this is all possible is because of TECHNOLOGY!


Hate it or love it technology is only going to become more prevalent in all of our lives.  In fact it’s been around since the great apes. What technology did they use? They used sticks to fish ants out of their antholes in the ground.  


The question is are you going to keep up with the increasing rate of technological change so you can capitalize on the abundance of opportunities that are coming.


It doesn’t matter that you missed the first wave of the internet, the beginning of google ads or YouTube or when Bitcoin was only $1.  Don’t let your regret for missed opportunities stop you from anticipating new ones that lay right around the corner.


Richard Branson said, “Opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”


The technology revolution is only in it’s beginning stages and you still have time to catch the wave….or should I say tsunami that is inevitably going to transform the world even more than it already has.  


The gap between haves and have nots is not going to be about money like it has been throughout history.  The gap is going to come down to whether or not you know how to navigate the new world that awaits us. The way to navigate it is by knowing how the world works and being able to contribute on a high level because the jobs that don’t require much critical thinking are being outsourced to things that perform way better than any human can…..ROBOTS.  


I’ve never been the most technologically savvy person.  In fact I despised technology up until a few years ago when I realized how important it is in our lives and all the amazing things I can do with it to benefit my life and others.


One of the people I learn from about technology is Sam Bhatti.  He is self-taught and is one of the most all around adept people I know with technology.  I had the chance to sit down with him in London where he shared with me some of his technological tools and strategies to save time and be better.  


I hope you enjoy watching this episode as much as I did creating it.  


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Every morning when Steve Jobs woke up he looked in the mirror and asked himself, “If today were the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”  It created an empowering sense of urgency to use his time wisely because he reminded himself not to take a moment of life for granted.

On my recent trip to Rome I visited the Colosseum where countless battles were watched as entertainment.  Gladiators and fierce wild animals from all over the world were matched up against one another in battles to the death.  This once magnificent arena is also falling apart as time passes.  It reminded me of how precious life is and how important it is to truly live life to the fullest each day.

The necklace I wear is a reminder to live life now and not wait.  What is it you truly want to do in your heart?

Do you want to travel to another country?  All over the world?

Do you want to start your own business?

Do you want to learn to play the guitar?

Do you want to be a photographer?

There is a way to make your dreams a reality and the best time to start is now.


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I visited the Colosseum in Rome last week.

It was stunning to say the least.

Seeing the lower level where the gladiators trained and prepared for battle caught my attention.  It made me think how we must train our minds to be our best each and every single day.



Just like you wouldn’t expect to go to the gym or take a yoga class once and be fit for the rest of your life.

It is not a good strategy to expect your mind and emotions to just be the way you want them to be without doing anything to make them that way.

Most people expect life to just work out and allow things to unfold getting tossed around in the sea of life without taking control of the wheel (their mind) and directing where they want to go.  Become the captain of your ship.



Rather than expecting things to happen for you and being a creature of circumstance you must step up and become the creator of your circumstance and live life on your terms.


Key takeaways from the video:

We must train our minds like we go to the gym.

Successful people aren’t lucky. They train themselves to be, do and feel the way they want.

You can change the channel of your experience of life like changing the channel on the TV.

If it’s not working that means it’s working.

Trade your expectations for appreciation.

The beginning of suffering is expectation.

The end of suffering is appreciation.

Gratitude is a practice.

Training your mind is a practice.

What do you do to train your mind each day?  Comment below!

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