Always Be Closing.

Most of us know the acronym from the 1992 film “Glengarry Glenn Ross” starring Alec Balwin when he infamously said those words to his struggling sales team.

I have a new phrase for the acronym.

Always Be Calibrating.

We want to always be noticing what the other person is communicating with not only their words, but their tonality and body language.

We want to check in with them periodically to confirm they are aligned and being served by the process.

We want to calibrate from the moment we begin communicating with another person so we can determine as quickly as possible if we can:

Serve this person.

Solve their problem.

Meet their needs at the highest level.

Over deliver on your promise so they receive a 10x return on the price they invested with you!

Sales is serving. And if you are great at it you are able to qualify who is a great fit for your offer and influence them to take action while at the same time being able to move on when you realize it is not a match.

Listen in as we share more on the importance of sales and how you can use it to empower more people.

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood

Welcome Back!

Are you inspired by your group of friends?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. The challenge is most of us don’t have a great peer group around to keep us growing into the best versions of ourselves.

I’m not saying unfriend anyone in your life. I am saying if you want to become more and achieve a goal you must consciously create a peer group that will raise your game.

You must consciously choose the people you spend time with when it comes to getting to the next level. Here’s what will happen when you do:

They will make you stretch and grow.

They will hold you accountable to what you say you will do.

They will be brutally and lovingly honest with you .

They will support you and encourage you when everyone else is holding you back.

So let’s choose an area of life you want to improve and consciously decide on 5 people you will spend time with when working on that area of life.

This week, we discuss how to build a world class peer group to take you and your friends to the next level!

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood