Get a Mentor

Welcome Back! Do you have a mentor?  A mentor is someone you connect with on a consistent basis to gain new insights on how to achieve your goals faster.   I like to have mentors for each different area of my life. Health/fitness Relationship Finance Time Business Celebration Spiritual The cool thing is that by […]

Vision Playlist

Welcome Back! How does it feel for you to wake up in the morning?  Do you jump out of bed excited to take on the day or are you hitting the snooze button? I was definitely hitting the snooze button! The cool thing is I learned and trained myself to make the process enjoyable and […]

Tool to Make Difficult Decisions

Welcome Back! Have you recently been faced with making a tough decision? How did you make it? The decisions we make and don’t make shape our lives. We’ve all been faced with the challenge of making a difficult decision in the past. I’d be curious to know how you deal with them. Do you have […]


Welcome Back! Do you drink enough water? If you don’t it’s time to put an end to that bad habit. Why? A lot of reasons: Lose fat! More energy! Better focus! Clearer skin! Be less hungry! (hunger is usually a sign of dehydration) Healthier cells! Here’s what you need to do. Take your body weight […]